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Your Email Address (reminder)

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Your Email Address (reminder)

Postby Astrolox » Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:44

Please visit your profile and ensure that these forums have a working email address for you. Without a valid email address several features of these forums won't work, including the ability to use the "lost password" system.

Forum accounts with email addresses which bounce their email back to us on a regular basis may be deactivated and will therefore be unusable. If your account is deactivated then you'll generally need to contact us through email (admin at the-corporation etc) and if we're not 100% sure that the email was from you then we'll also ask you to get on to teamspeak to prove your identity. We'd prefer not to go through this, so please keep the email address in your profile up to date.

If you need a new email address which doesn't randomly expire on you then please consider getting a gmail account
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