Vanu Corporation

Part of The Corporation, gaming together since 2003

The Corporation

Founded 1 day before the official launch of the original Planetside our online gaming community grew out of the well respected outfit Vanu Corporation. Thus giving us our Birthday, The 22nd May 2003.

In the intervening years we have expanded our community to incorporate many different games with a presence in SWG, WoW, ArmA, BF3, KotoR amongst others.
Each game is managed to a high standard which helps provide a mature team based gaming enviroment for all our members and allies.

We have several meetings and get togethers throughout the year. For the 10 year anniversary plans are afoot for a Las Vegas trip.

Our forums and this website provide the community with the ability to communicate and provides our members the ability to keep in touch with friends. To help keep the community fresh and together we are constantly recruiting new members and organising new events.


  • Planetside 1
  • SWG
  • WoW
  • EvE
  • KotOR
  • DC Universe
  • FPS: ArmA, BL:R, BF3, APB, Tribes, CoD, BF, L4D
  • RTS: DoW, SC, SC2, AoE, LoL
  • Planetside 2

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The Corporation History

Founded. -1 day PS1
Now. +3465 days PS1

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